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SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitor


Drinking & DUIs
During the Holidays

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Source: SCRAM Systems

DUI Program Checklist

Keep Your Offenders Safe & Sober This Season


  1. Share data about the increases in binge drinking and DUIs.
  2. Remind them of the consequences for violations. If they’re monitored, they will be caught.
  3. Talk about alternatives to drinking when it comes to dealing with money, family, temptations, and other holiday stress.
  4. Monitor, 24/7, the ones you’re most concerned about.
  5. Extend current monitoring periods through January 1st, when violations rise 155%.
  6. Talk to your SCRAM CAM® provider or program manager about any additional needs you have to help manage your alcohol offenders during the holidays.

Other Resources

Check back through the holiday season as we update with more data, resources, and information on holiday drinking and driving.

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Sober Days for the Holidays

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